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Infant Parent Psychotherapy Practice

Mental health services for parents and children birth to five

Susan K. Schultz, PhD, LP


When to Consider Mental Health Services

No child is too young to refer and all parent concerns are appropriate to consider. Parents with concerns about how their infant or young child is developing, relating, or behaving are invited to call for a consultation appointment. Mental health services are also appropriate when a parent or primary caretaker feels burdened, worried or confused by the demands of parenting, or when parents must cope with difficult circumstances surrounding a baby’s birth, health or special needs.  Infant parent psychotherapy can address concerns about the baby or child, the parent, and the parent-child relationship including:

  • Fussy baby, excessive crying, difficult to soothe
  • Sleeping or feeding difficulties
  • Developmental concerns, including medical issues and hospitalization
  • Birth of child following infertility and/or difficult pregnancy
  • Birth of child following a history of miscarriage, fetal or infant death
  • Traumatic birth
  • Parenting difficulties or uncertainty
  • Emotional relationship between parent and child
  • Sibling relationship difficulties
  • Parent depression or anxiety including perinatal mood disorders
  • Stress regarding the child or parenting
  • Change, loss, trauma or other life issues that affect parents, children, or the parent-child relationship